Dogtective William travels the world

Language: English

Genre: Adventure Stories, Crime & Mystery Fiction

Author(s): Wasserman, Elizabeth

Publisher(s): Tafelberg Publishers Ltd

ISBN: 9780624058779

Price: R150.00

Adrian is twelve years old and an only child. He spends a lot of time with his dog, William, which the family got from the SPCA a few years ago. But only Adrian knows William’s secret: he understands human language AND he can talk! William reveals this to Adrian in the car on their very first trip home from the SPCA. But Adrian learns even more secrets about his dog in this book, the first of a series featuring the Adrian and William’s adventures all over the world. Under the pretence of going on a soccer tour Adrian and William, who is a dog detective (“dogtective”), make arrangements to travel to Istanbul, where, in true espionage-style action, William’s contact awaits. From there the hunt for the villain Scurvy Scabscratch take them to Venice, Paris, Amsterdam and finally to London, where Brumbum's mansion holds the key to the disapperance of the Silver Tulip.


By: Nikki McDiarmid

Posted on: May 29, 2017

Elizabeth Wasserman introduces a four-legged, South African spy-hero to young readers in a sweet and exciting thriller.As with any dog from the animal shelter, the Simpsons have no idea what they’re getting into when Alex chooses William. The spotted spaniel is not a normal dog and Alex soon feels anxious that he is too ordinary a boy, to look after such an extraordinary dog.A charmer, and a schmoozer of cats, William is also a martial arts expert and a ‘Dogtective’. With mood swings from grumpy to hilarious, he is a dog with ends that need tying up and problems that require solving. A few years ago, William rescued something precious from the villains Scurvey Scabscratch and master thief Bumbrum, and the time has come for this parcel to be returned to its rightful owner.With spies everywhere, the mission is TOP SECRET! So much so, that Alex is often uninformed and has to blindly trust where his dog is taking him.This is an amusing story that will have all dog-lovers grinning. Hooked from the first paragraph, young readers develop an instant rapport with the characters who belong to a mixture of cultural backgrounds and work in many different jobs. Although he can speak, William is a dog to every extent of his being – he piddles anywhere, eats anything, chases birds and cats and does entirely as he wishes. Except that he is a master of espionage, a mature character who is quite capable of taking care of Alex. It is an intriguing reversal of roles, balancing innocence against experience.The play on travel plans is delightful as William has none. As a dog he has no need for passports or baggage or accomodation, merely traveling until circumstances, or people, arrive to help.The illustrations add to the atmosphere of European travel, sketched in black and white and leaving the reader feeling as though they’ve stepped into a sixties movie.Impressed with William’s map, but unimpressed that Alex was keeping secrets from his parents, my nine year old was involved in the story from the first page. Suitable for children who love their pets, this travel thriller will have young readers enthralled.

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