Dad don’t go to work

Language: English

Genre: Poetry

Author(s): Benjamin, Paul

Publisher(s): Siber Ink, South Africa

ISBN: 9780992192204

Price: R75.00

An illustrated collection of fun short poems for children from a child’s point of view. Subjects include, playing cricket with dad, building sand castles, and many many more....


By: Nikki McDiarmid

Posted on: May 29, 2017

Written by Paul Benjamin and illustrated by Meg Jordi, this little book contains a collection of poems for young children and is all South African.The prose gently reminds us as parents, of what is important to those who share our homes. Taken on a journey from the Kirstenbosch gardens to making toast for breakfast , this gem of a book brings the family back into focus.Children gravitate towards these pages, studying the words and the pictures again and again. My nine-year old even began quoting the verses.‘Dad, Don’t go to Work’ is a reminder of all things gentle and good.

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