Dogtective William and the pirates

Language: English

Genre: Adventure Stories, Crime & Mystery Fiction

Author(s): Wasserman, Elizabeth

Publisher(s): Tafelberg Publishers Ltd

ISBN: 9780624062660

Price: R150.00

Alex’s mum wins a luxury cruise holiday and takes her son along. Willem plays stowaway in Alex’s backpack and later in a linen closet on board. When modern day pirates take the ship hostage William’s sleuth skills save the day. Alex and William work together to foil the pirates’ plans, which include locating and stealing a treasure on the tiny island of Trommelin. This is the second book in the series. The third, Dogtective William and the Poachers, will be released in February 2014.


By: Nikki McDiarmid

Posted on: May 29, 2017

Book 2 – Dogtective William and the Pirates

Mum has won two tickets on a cruise ship to Mauritius. As Dad can’t get off work Alex will accompany her, yet William is determined to go too and is displaying a great deal of interest in books on pirates.Smuggled on board in Alex’s backpack and stowed away in a linen cupboard that mysteriously has a new lock on the inside of the door, William leaves Cape Town on the cruise liner. As Table Mountain disappears into the distance, the fun beginsu2026 for Alex anyway. William is seasick and grumpier than ever.When Alex notices one evening that the galley has been left in darkness, William’s keen sight picks up a shadow on the horizon. A motor boat pulls up alongside the vessel and men with machine guns begin to climb on board. Somali Pirates are taking over the ship! Suddenly afraid, Alex can no longer worry about his dog as William dashes off to investigate. He turns in the opposite direction and goes in search of his Mum and the Captain.As William is no ordinary dog, he must save the passengers on board the cruise liner and find a way to arrest the pirates. The question is, how is leaving the ship in the pirate’s motor boat going to help them do that? And where is this mysterious Tromelin Island that William is taking them to?Immediately amusing, the second book in the Dogtective Series wastes no time in getting the reader back into the action. Quickly pulled into the story readers discover that William is his familiar grouchy self and still doing things a dog shouldn’t be.Guaranteed to get boys reading and impossible to put down, Mums must know that when they nag about chores, they are interrupting the ‘good parts’.Concerned that this tale might seem a little scary for young readers, with the reality of pirates present on the news and a part of adult discussions today, again, the opposite occurred. Instead, Alex is on a great adventure and in the very capable paws of Dogtective William. This story is relevant to the dangers of today’s world and opens the doorway for discussion with young enquiring minds, perfect for Grade 4 readers and up.Christopher, 9 yrs: “Kids should definitely read this book. It’s awesome and exciting and has lots of adventure.”To see the real William: Elizabeth Wasserman is a pathologist in private practice and extraordinary professor in the Department of Medical Microbiology at the University of Stellenbosch.

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