My forever friend

Language: English

Genre: Picture Books, Story Books

Author(s): Daniel, Jeremy

Publisher(s): Tafelberg Publishers Ltd

ISBN: 9780624062882

Price: R150.00

Copia is Mimi's reflection in the bathroom mirror and they are best friends. In this easy reader we get to know Copia and Mimi through five stories: in the first they move from their flat into a house, then Mimi goes to her new school, and the family go camping together. Mimi is convinced Copia hasn’t come along, but then she finds Copia in a rather surprising place . . . In the fourth story Dad takes them to the funfair, and in the fifth Mimi finally makes a real friend, Yoli. The development of self-image and social skills are very important in the foundation phase. Mimi’s story will help young readers through this potentially difficult stage. This book can be used as a beginner reader, or for reading aloud to younger listeners who are not reading on their own yet.


By: Josephine Baxter

Posted on: May 29, 2017

My Forever Friend’ is about a girl who sees her reflection in the mirror and thinks she is real.There are 5 stories in the book. ‘Copia and the New House’, ‘Copia and the New School’, ‘Copia On Holiday’ and ‘Crazy Copia and The New Friend’.The stories are all about her adventures and experiences with her reflection and how her reflection teaches her about friendship.Mimi is the main character and she lives with her kind Mom and her Dad, who she teases and calls a ‘nincompoop’. Copia lives in a mirror and Mimi talks to her all the time and feels safe with her friend.One of the stories is about how her family move to a new house. Mimi is very upset that she has left her best-friend Copia in the bathroom at the old house because she never realised that Copia goes wherever there is a mirror. Mimi thinks Copia never likes to leave the bathroom. When Mimi gets to the new house she discovers her friend in her bedroom waiting for her and it makes her happy in the new house.The book was easy to read and understand.I first read the book with my Mom and then read it on my own and I could feel how lonely Mimi felt when she started at her new school. She was afraid because her friend wasn’t there, but her Mom teaches her that Copia will always be with her in her makeup mirror and that there is nothing to be afraid of.I really enjoyed the short stories and read it more than once.My favourite part of the ‘New School’ story is when Mimi is in the car on the way home after her first day and she is nervous and chewing her Mom’s Ipad because she is afraid of the all the new children in the school and all the mean things they said to her. I didn’t like it when the children were teasing her and hurting her feelings.I would recommend this book to girls of 8 or 9 years old. I am 8 years old and loved reading this book. These stories are written for girls rather than boys.I wish this book would become a reader in our classroom so others can learn not to be mean and be strong. It taught me about having friends, and if you don’t have a friend, that you can be a friend to yourself.

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