Puku as a Resource

Puku.co.za is a platform to connect the people who love to read childrenʼs books with those who write, translate, illustrate and publish them. We do this by serving as a resource to the book sector via our online platforms, providing up-to-date data via Pukupedia, our online children’s encyclopedia, hosting relevant workshops and festivals within your communities, and encouraging partners to stay connected to each other and our collective solutions to put an end to South Africa’s reading crisis.

Information for Writers and Authors

Puku runs creative writing and book review workshops for aspiring young writers, teachers and librarians in African languages. Workshops are designed to suit each group’s abilities and needs of their constituencies, e.g. the workshop for librarians focuses more on book reviews in order for them to make informed decisions that serve their users ‘needs when selecting and buying library material, while with teachers the focus is on creating relevant story books for their classrooms.

We celebrate southern African childrenʼs books but unfortunately, cannot accept submissions or publish any work. We can, however, give advice on how to improve your skills and find an audience for your work.

See our socials for recent events and look out for more.