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Pan Macmillan: The Great Gran Plan
By: Elli Woolard
Illustrator: Steven Lenton
ISBN: 978-1-4472-5479-9

To be released on 27 November 2017

The pig lives in a house in the middle of the wild wood.
But inside the wild wood there’s a bad wolf – and this hungry wolf wants a little pig for dinner! But a house made of bricks is hard to blow down, so instead of gobbling Pig, Wolf moves to plan B: gobbling Red Riding Hood’s poor defenceless grandma! But his despicable plan is soon uncovered and Pig decides to rescue Gran! Will this plucky pig make it in time?
A fabulously funny twist on two classic fairy tales: Little Red Riding Hood and The Three Little Pigs. The Great Gran Plan is the first book by an exciting picture book pairing: the uniquely talented author and poet, Elli Woollard and best-selling illustrator, Steven Lenton.

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Imagnary House: The Complete Guide to Being a Monster
By: Astika Chetram
Illustrator: Danica Ricciardi
ISBN: 978-0-620-77534-2

The Complete Guide to Being a Monster is Astika Chetram’s and Danica Ricciardi’s first children’s book.
Every little monster faces challenges while growing up. Wouldn’t it be great to have someone teach you how to deal with these challenges? The Complete Guide to Being a Monster is a fantastic read on how to be the best monster you can possibly be… have you practiced your roar? Have you embraced the dark for its glow worms and twinkling stars? Have you built a lair yet? Follow three adorable little monsters, Ike, Spike and Mia, as they discover what it means to be a monster, and learn what it means to enjoy being you.

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Jacana: Hooray! Thoko
By: Niki Daly
Illustrated by: Niki Daly
ISBN: 978-1-4314-2525-9

Are you ready? Because here comes Thoko!
Thoko is resourceful, Thoko is kindhearted, Thoko is full of fun and ready to meet you.
Hooray! Thoko by award-winning author, Niki Daly, is the first in the Thoko series. It has four wonderful stories that all follow a girl named Thoko who is figuring out life. The beautiful text and illustrations make it impossible not to love Thoko and learn a few important life lessons on the way.

Then she kissed Thoko on the forehead and whispered, ‘And that’s for being such a kind, thoughtful girl.’ Thoko touched her forehead and thought a little more as she drifted off to sleep: gold stars get curly corners and fall off, but kisses last forever!

Niki Daly makes reading about life as a child entertaining and realistic with his delightful new local heroine, Thoko. Thoko skips through life, leaving behind a trail of laughter and a few frowns. She will become your new favourite friend.

Also available in:
Afrikaans: Hoera! Thoko – ISBN: 978-1-4314-2526-6
IsiXhosa: Halala! Thoko – ISBN: 978-1-4314-2528-0
IsiZulu: Halala! Thoko – ISBN: 978-1-4314-2527-3

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Human & Rousseau: Do Not Open This Book!
By: Andy Lee
Illustrated by: Heath McKenzie
ISBN: 9780798175739
This guy will do anything for you not to open this book. Threats, bribes, reverse psychology – you name it. A hilarious new book from radio extraordinaire and all-round funny guy, Andy Lee. Young readers will love doing everything they’re asked not to. With bright and entertaining illustrations this story will become a family favourite.

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