August 2019

Puku celebrates stories that affirm the African child and the authors that highlight their world.

This year marks one hundred years since Peter Abrahams’s birth. Elinor Sisulu reflects on her meeting with the author at his home in Jamaica.

When I came to Jamaica, when I found this place, I knew, my search was over. You see, until I came here, I was the ex-patriot. The migrant, and you know, they live with suitcase packed, ready to go home. But when I got involved in Jamaican life, in Jamaican politics, when I travelled this island … I became involved, and this was the first time in my life I didn’t have to be against anything, I could be for something.
—Peter Abrahams, The View from Coyaba (documentary)

I think I’ve had a hell of a lot. I’ve seen all of Africa free. I’ve seen South Africa free. I had no right to deserve that. So what should I bawl about?
—Peter Abrahams, The View from Coyaba (documentary)

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