Abantu remains a gift that keeps on giving ?.

By: Zimkhitha Mathunjwa

Thando Mgqolozana and his team have created not only a safe space for many of those who have been ‘othered’ or painfully erased by our society, but they have also given a voice to many who have not — until now — felt that their voices were valid or that their existence and their lived experience was an important part of our national consciousness. 

The festival not only ensures that all the book lovers get to hang with their fave paperbacks, but that the children are also taken care of and have their own programme running simultaneously to the adult sessions or workshops.

The youth is kept entertained and they are made to feel just as much a part of the festival as anyone else present. The interactive sessions with the children are intellectually stimulating and affirming.
The children’s programme is particularly important in light of the Progress in International Reading and Literacy Study released on December 5…. continue reading