Article by Eugene Yiga

03 OCTOBER 2017

Book Dash is a non-profit organisation on a mission to make sure every child in SA owns at least 100 books by the age of five.

My co-founders and I had all been in book publishing for years and were frustrated by how hard it is to publish children’s books in SA viably, despite the immense and desperate need,” says its chairman Arthur Attwell.

I knew about projects that created children’s books by volunteers like Pratham Books and the African Storybook Project and about others that created books in one-off hackathons, like Book Sprints.

So, we called a bunch of our creative friends and spent a day making children’s books together. It turned out better than we ever expected and kind of addictive.

At the first Book Dash day in May 2014, two teams made two books at Attwell’s Cape Town office. A few months later, after a successful 10-team Book Dash at the Cape Town Library…  continue reading