In January 2018, NB Publishers are highlighting two very special events:

as well-known author, Louise Smit, celebrates her 78th birthday, while one of her most loved characters, Haas Das, is celebrating his 42nd anniversary!

On 5 January 1976 television was introduced to South Africa for the first time. Just a day later, on 6 January 1976, Haas Das made his first television debut.

  • Haas Das was part of the very first television programme in South Africa
  • Haas Das was officially the very first newsreader in South Africa
  • “Haas Das se Nuuskas” was the longest running television programme in South African history
  • 42 years later, Haas Das is still one of the most famous and loved characters in Afrikaans

Watch these links to some of the first broadcasts on SA TV:


See an interview with author, Louise Smit, about Haas Das:

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